The ACPN vs Dragon Con


Next weekend, ACPN takes over Dragon Con as your favorite podcasting personalities converge in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s the sched:

John J. Galbo will be appearing/hosting…

  • The Swimcast’s 2nd Annual Pizza Party - Friday (8/29) at 5:30p – Hyatt Dunwoody
  • Swimcast: The Game Show - Sunday (8/31) at 8:30p – Hyatt Dunwoody

Dana Snyder will be appearing/hosting

  • Snydecast-a-con (with Special Guest, Guy Hutchinson) - Friday (8/29) at 2:30p - Marriott A601–A602
  • An Audience with James Urbaniak and Dana Snyder - Friday (8/29) at 4:00p - Marriott Imperial Ballroom
  • FRED Presents: Attack of the Celebrity Improv - Friday (8/29) at 8:30p - Hilton Grand Ballroom East
  • Venture Bros. Panel - Sunday (8/31) at 5:30p - Marriott Atrium Ballroom
  • Gonzo Quiz Show VI: Quizopolis - Sunday (8/31) at 8:30p - Hyatt Regency VI–VII

Dana Snyder
 and Guy Hutchinson will be hosting a live Drunk on Disney (Labeled in the schedule as “An Hour of Power”) – Saturday (8/30) at 11:00a - Marriott Imperial Ballroom


Drunk On Disney Episode 52: Blue Curacao Zoo

LINK (right click to save) 1:17:11

Dana tells Bart and Guy about his recent visit to Walt Disney World. They also talk about bowling and blueing a zoo and they follow up on a listener dining question. Plus, Dana's wife takes the lightning round questions.

To drink along with the boys you need a Radenberger Pilsner.

LINKS: DragonConAnimate Miami, Dana's Monorail Yellow, The Monorail Rolodex cards

This episode's drink: Radenberger Pilsner beer from Biergarten.

Drunk On Disney Episode 51: Big Thunder Bird

LINK (right click to save) 52:03

Dana, Guy and Bart kick back and talk about The 7D,Saddlesore Swanson, Dana's new film A Letter to Momo and The Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store.

To drink along with the boys you need  light rum, papaya juice, pineapple juice and lime juice.
LINKS: The Over the Hill GangA Letter to Momo Trailer, Grauman's Egyptian TheaterConfessions of a Superhero

This episode's drink: Haole's Passion: Mix 2 & 1/2 oz of light rum, 2 oz of papaya juice, 1 oz pineapple juice and 3/4 oz lime juice. Serve over crushed ice.

Drunk On Disney Episode 50: Triple Yeti Blast PART THREE

LINK (right click to save) 49:28

Dana, Bart and Guy continue on their three part margarita fueled journey. This time they talk about the House of Blues Gospel Brunch, the Dark Side of  Disney documentary, dead mice and Oliver and Company.
Also, Dark Side of Disney filmmaker Phillip Swift stops by to take the lightning round.

To drink along with the boys you need Sauza Gold tequila part monin strawberry puree, Mr. & Mrs. T's sweet and sour and Rose's Lime Juice.
LINKS: Expedition Everest Video, WCW Yeti, The photo Dana mentions is HERE, Hattie McDaniels cenotaph.

This episode's drink: Bali Hai Margarita: 1 part Sauza Gold tequila, 1 part monin strawberry puree, 3 parts Mr. & Mrs. T's sweet and sour, a good drizzle of Rose's Lime Juice. Blend ingredients with ice.  Recipe from Party Through the Parks.