Drunk On Disney Episode 48: Triple Yeti Blast PART ONE

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Dana, Bart and Guy embark on a three part margarita fueled journey. This time they talk about drive in theaters, animatronic Stitch, Disneyland's birthday, religious dinosaurs, Mile Long Bars and naked celebrities. Also, artist Jon Adelung stops by to answer the lightning round.

To drink along with the boys you need Sauza Gold tequila, monin mango puree, Mr. & Mrs. T's sweet and sour and Rose's Lime Juice.

LINKS: The SNL 20,000 Leagues sketchDana inside a Cabazon Dinosaur.
This episode's drink: Kali River Mango Margarita - 1 part Sauza Gold tequila, 1 part monin mango puree, 3 parts Mr. & Mrs. T's sweet and sour, a good drizzle of Rose's Lime Juice. Blend ingredients with ice. Recipe from Party Through the Parks.

FLUX CAPACI-CAST 19: You Know That New Sound You’re Looking For?

Andrew Morris and Guy Hutchinson chat with AJ LoCascio, voice of Marty McFly in TellTale Games’ BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE GAME. AJ tells tales of getting the BTTF gig, impersonating Jack Sparrow and the unhappiest cruise that ever sailed. An Idle Chatter/Flux Capaci-cast simulcast.

Drunk On Disney Episode 47: Pirates of the Kahlua and Cream

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Dana, Bart and Guy talk Three Caballeros, favorite 3D attractions, tackle listener questions, babble about Hans Conried and the naked lady of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
Also, Andrew of The Disney Hipsters Podcast stops by to take the Drunk On Disney lightning round.

To drink along with the boys you need hot coffee,Kahlua, brandy and whipped cream.

LINKS: Buena Vista Bar's Irish Coffee story, buy Buena Vista Bar's Irish Coffee mugs
This episode's drink: Spanish Coffee - 5 oz of hot coffee, 1 ½ Kahlua, ½ oz of  brandy and whipped cream.

Special Announcement:



To commemorate the Syfy Television Premiere of Sharknado 2, you are personally invited to attend a live chat/commentary for the film.

Your favorite ACPN personalities (Guy Hutchinson, John J., and more)! will be live on the interwebs, chatting along with the movie. What will be said? Who will be drinking (Guy, definitely)? Will there be free cake (Probably not, you can’t eat cake through the internet)? All these questions and more, Wednesday, July 30th at 9pm East, 8pm Central.

Check back for information on how to chat with us for the Sharknado Special. It’ll be a whale of a good time… especially if a shark eats the whale.