Jermaine Fowler Presents: Mass Destructo


Episode 21: Bane Cosby

Episode 20: The Revenge of the Aborted Baby (part one)

Episode 19: 127 Hours with my Penis

Episode 18: Hell on Heaven (part three)

Episode 17: Hell on Heaven (part two)

Episode 16: Hell on Heaven (part one)

Episode 15: The Ghost Radio

Episode 14: Death of a DJ (part two)

Episode 13: Death of a DJ (part one)

Episode 12: Audio Porn

Episode 11: The Black Mortal Kombat Tournament (part two)

Episode 10: The Black Mortal Kombat Tournament (part two)

Episode 9: Ghost of Auto-Tune: Reloaded (Part Two)

Episode 8: Ghost of Auto-Tune: Reloaded (Part One)

Episode 7: Mass Destructo Presents the Donny Wakes Christmas Album (featuring Bahbrahhh)

Episode 6: The Elf Slave Trade

Episode 5: Ghost of Auto-Tune part 3

Episode 4: Ghost of Auto-Tune part 2

Episode 3: Ghost of Auto-Tune part 1

Episode 2: The Dirty Rat

Episode 1: Halloween Special